Drives, Inc.

Responsible for sales, marketing and business development activities for Japanese manufactured industrial products. Promoted to lead sales efforts and develop significant new business; initial sales improved 10%. Negotiated purchase cost reductions with Japanese supplier improving profitability while automating and formalizing pricing practices. Developed and implemented marketing plan adding new business and increasing profits 100%. Negotiated improved business conditions with Japan supplier for profit improvement and gaining access for new product introductions.

Responsible for forecasting, planning and scheduling manufacturing operations within complex and dynamic environment. Team leader generated profit improvements and cost savings with reduced past due order backlog of 44%, production plan accuracy / performance improvements of 21% and increased inventory turns yielding 40% savings.

Responsible for servicing inbound customer inquiries, booking sales orders and providing customer service and follow up. Led cross-functional team in continuous improvement efforts, analyzed distributor purchases and foreign agricultural product sales; developed pricing protocols leading to streamlined processes and new profits.

Since 1959, Drives, Incorporated has become a leading manufacturer of ANSI Precision Roller Chain, Pintle Chain, Agricultural Conveyor Chain, Engineering Class Chain, Oil Field Roller Chain and Auger products. The company’s markets include North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and many more. Today Drives, Inc. employs approximately 400 team members with manufacturing facilities in excess of 370,000 sq. ft.

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